Rodaje: Sentimental Journey de Ringo Starr

A promotional clip for the title track of Ringo Starr’s debut solo album Sentimental Journey was made on this day. The shoot took place at the Talk Of The Town, a popular cabaret venue situated at 10 Cranbourn Street near London’s Leicester Square. The venue was renamed the Hippodrome in the early 1980s.A new mono mix of the song Sentimental Journey had been prepared at EMI Studios on 13 March. The mix omitted one of Starr’s vocal tracks, allowing him to sing live during the shoot. Starr varied the lyrics slightly during his performance, and ad-libbed some words over the applause at the end.Neil Aspinall directed the filming, which began at 10am. The producer was John Gilbert.The stage was surrounded by tables at which the audience were seated. The backdrop was a photograph of the Dingle neighbourhood where Starr grew up.Starr sang the song, accompanied by the Talk Of The Town Orchestra, conducted by George Martin. Starr wore a pink bow tie and the same black suit he used for the cover of The Beatles’ Abbey Road.UK and US flags were hung on either side of the stage, and male and female dancers joined Starr onstage. Not to be outdone, towards the end of the clip backing singers Doris Troy, Madeline Bell and Marsha Hunt were lowered from the ceiling on a platform.The cover photograph for the Sentimental Journey album was also taken on this day. It depicted Starr in a blue suit, standing before the Empress pub at the end of Admiral Grove, Liverpool. The image was actually part of the backdrop used in the video.


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