Televisión: Ringo Starr en Frost el domingo

Ringo Starr appeared on Frost On Sunday, presented by David Frost, on this day. The interview was promotion for Starr’s Sentimental Journey album. It was the last edition in the series of Frost On Sunday, and included a screening of the promotional clip for the album’s title track.In the short interview, Starr spoke of how he knew the old songs on the album from his parents when they would return home drunk from their local pub in Liverpool. The anecdote was greeted with silence, to which he added: “It went down better in the dressing room.”He went on to reveal he was planning to record a follow-up containing country songs. Frost asked if The Beatles were likely to record again as a group, but Starr said it was doubtful. He said he thought once each member completed their solo projects they may get together for another album.The show was broadcast live from 10.25-11.25pm from Studio Three at London Weekend Television’s Wembley Studios, London.


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