Se le niega la entrada a George Harrison al club nocturno de Annabel en Londres

George Harrison, Pattie Harrison, Brian Epstein, Eric Clapton and friends attempted to see in 1967 in the fashionable London club Annabel’s, but were refused entry after George refused to wear a tie. The club was a favourite of his, as its members-only policy meant he received less attention than he did elsewhere. He is also said to have enjoyed its Steak Diane.On this night, however, he was said to be improperly dressed with his jumper and scarf. The doorman offered him the use of a collar and tie owned by the club, but was declined.Instead the party drove elsewhere, spending the remains of New Year’s Eve in the more modest J Lyons & Co restaurant at 7-14 Coventry Street, W1. This corner-house restaurant had opened in 1909 and closed in 1990, and was later replaced by a branch of Planet Hollywood.


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