Pete Best lanzará nuevo CD

The Beatles’ former drummer Pete Best is to release a new CD entitled Haymans Green. The autobiographical album, released on 16 September, chronicles Best’s experiences from his times as a Beatle.Haymans Green is where The Casbah Club, where The Beatles began their career, is located. It was opened in 1959 by Best’s mother Mona.The excitement around the club and The Beatles was overwhelming for us all. When that ended for me I found myself Broken, the title of one of the tracks on the CD. We were on the verge of international stardom and then the dreams I helped build with my fellow Beatles were snatched away. I was left to crash and burn, Broken. I chose to stand tall. As the song says, ‘When I’m beat, you won’t see me down. When I’m weak, I’ll turn it around – or at least I’ll try. I think I did.Pete BestHaymans Green is Best’s first album of original material. According to Arnie Holland, CEO of Lightyear Entertainment, it is – somewhat improbably – “as good as anything The Beatles did at their peak.”The CD will be available through Lightyear Entertainment/Caroline/EMI and online through


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