Paul McCartney vive en Gelredome, Arnhem

Sir Paul McCartney performed the third concert of his 2009 European tour at the Gelredome in Arnhem, Netherlands. His voice appeared to suffer as the evening progressed, with a noticeable hoarseness towards the end.An audience of 39,000 saw the show. He twice told them: “See you next time”, hinting at further future live dates in Europe.Arnhem played a small role in The Beatles’ story. The group and their first manager, Allan Williams, stopped there briefly while en route to Hamburg for the first time. On 16 August 1960 Williams, his wife Beryl, concert promoter Lord Woodbine, Stuart Sutcliffe, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Pete Best were photographed at the Arnhem War Memorial, possibly by John Lennon.I had confidence in the band, even though they weren’t rated in Liverpool. It was mainly their personalities because most of the groups were a bit on the thick side, whereas they all had good educations; they were a bit posher and more articulate. So I thought, “No, I will take a chance”, and that’s when I drove them over to Hamburg. I took a wrong turning and we finished up in Arnhem in Holland. We had time to kill so we went round the town centre and into a music shop, and when we came out they were all laughing their heads off. I said: “What’s the joke, lads?”, and John pulled out a mouth organ – he’d stolen a bloody mouth organ! I thought, “Christ, we’re never even going to get to Hamburg, we’ll all be in jail.” The first time abroad and he had the audacity to rob a shop!Allan WilliamsThe setlist for the McCartney show was the same as at his previous concerts on the European tour:


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