Paul McCartney en vivo en Bridgestone Arena, Nashville

Sir Paul McCartney performed a concert at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee, as part of his Up And Coming Tour. During the concert McCartney signed the back of a fan, underneath a tattoo of his famous Höfner bass.The fan was Sarah Furlow, 27, who attended with her sister Krissy Beyl. They made a sign before the show asking: “Your Höfner is tattooed on my back. Will you please sign it?” During the second encore her wish came true and she was brought to the stage after his performance of Yesterday.The next day she had the signature turned into a tattoo, before returning to Louisville.During the show he also brought a boy from the crowd onto the stage, to dance during Get Back:An extra surprise during the show was a version of Tequila, the 1958 instrumental by The Champs:The setlist:


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