Paul McCartney aparece en Saturday Night Live

Sir Paul McCartney made an appearance on the US TV show Saturday Night Live, contributing to several skits and performing songs. McCartney performed a total of five songs with his band: Jet, followed by Band On The Run; a medley of A Day In The Life/Give Peace A Chance; and Get Back at the end of the show as the credits ran.He also accompanied host Paul Rudd for the show’s opening monologue, appeared with Andy Samberg in SNL Digital Short, and contributed to the Weekend Update segment.McCartney first appeared on Saturday Night Live in 1993, when he performed Biker Like An Icon, Get Out Of My Way and Hey Jude. Alec Baldwin was the host on that occasion.In April 1976, meanwhile, McCartney and John Lennon considered accepting producer Lorne Michaels’ offer of $3,000 for The Beatles to reunite. The pair were watching the show in the Dakota building and considered taking a cab to the television studio, but decided against it.


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