Neil Aspinall dejó casi £ 7 millones en su testamento

The Beatles’ finance expert Neil Aspinall left nearly £7m to his family in his will. The father-of-five, 66, who ran the group’s business empire for 40 years, died from lung cancer in March 2008 in New York.Originally from Liverpool, Aspinall became friends with Paul McCartney and George Harrison when they were at school together. He went on to earn £1 an hour as The Beatles’ road manager, later becoming their personal assistant and one of the most trusted members of their inner circle.In 1968 he joined Apple Corps, the group’s business empire. Aspinall became chief executive, safeguarding The Beatles’ legacy after their split in 1970, and overseeing the Anthology book, CDs and television series.Probate records show that Aspinall left a net estate of £6,947,818. The fortune has been left in trust with the income going to Suzy, his wife of 40 years, for her lifetime. It will then be inherited by his children, Vincent Roag Best, Gayla, Dhara, Julian and Mandy.


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