Los Beatles comienzan a filmar ¡Ayuda! en las Bahamas

Although today was intended as a rest day following their trip from London to New Providence Island in the Bahamas, The Beatles began filming their second feature film on this day. The Bahamas had been chosen after The Beatles’ financial adviser, Dr Walter Strach, had established a tax shelter there, and had to spend a year living in the British colony as part of the setup. Partly as a gesture of goodwill, the group agreed to film there, staying for two weeks at the Balmoral Club near Cable Beach.Filming began in the afternoon. Firstly, in an unused scene Ringo Starr listened to conch shells in the docks near Mackey Street, before all four Beatles were filmed swimming fully-clothed in the pool at the Nassau Beach Hotel in the island’s West Bay region.The Beatles worked without a day off over the next 14 days in the Bahamas.


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