Grabación, mezcla: tu madre debe saber, hola, adiós

Studio Two, EMI Studios, Abbey RoadProducer: George MartinEngineer: Ken ScottThis session, which began at 10pm and ended at 2.30am the following morning, saw the creation of final mono mixes of Your Mother Should Know, and the first takes of Hello, Goodbye. Five mono mixes of Your Mother Should Know, numbered 21-25, were the first to be tackled. The last of these became the master version. A stereo mix was made on 6 November 1967.Hello, Goodbye was written too late to feature in the Magical Mystery Tour film, although it did appear over the end credits. It was destined instead to be The Beatles’ next single.The basic track was recorded in 14 takes, with piano, drums, organ and tambourine, under the working title Hello Hello. Take 14 was judged to be the best, and maracas, bongos and tambourine were overdubbed.Before the end of the session two reduction mixes was made to allow for further overdubs. These mixes were numbered 15 and 16, the latter of which was used for subsequent recording. It featured all the instruments on track one of the tape.


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