Grabación, mezcla: si tienes problemas, dime lo que ves, vas a perder a esa chica, eso significa mucho, tienes que esconder tu amor

Studio Two, EMI Studios, Abbey RoadProducer: George MartinEngineer: Norman SmithThe Beatles flew to the Bahamas to begin filming Help! on 22 February 1965, making this day’s recording – the sixth for the album – their last until 30 March. Work began at 11am, with an hour-long mixing session in the control room of Studio Two. Mono mixes were made of three songs: If You’ve Got Trouble, Tell Me What You See and You’re Going To Lose That Girl. At this stage the group intended to include If You’ve Got Trouble on the album, although it was not to be.From 12-5.15pm they recorded another unreleased song. That Means A Lot was written for the Help! soundtrack, but The Beatles were unhappy with the recording and a remake was taped on 30 March.The group ran through the song four times on this day, before recording a single take of the rhythm track. Paul McCartney was on lead vocals and bass, John Lennon and George Harrison played guitars and sang backing vocals, and Ringo Starr was on drums.An overdub of another lead vocal part, plus backing vocals from Lennon and Harrison, was added onto the remaining track of the four-track tape. A reduction mix was then made, which was labelled take two, onto which were overdubbed McCartney’s Steinway grand piano part, and maracas in the coda.Between 5.15 and 6pm mono mixes of That Means A Lot and You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away were made. The latter was included on Help!; the former, however, remained in the EMI vaults until 1996’s Anthology 2. A remix was attempted on 30 March 1965 but was never issued.The Beatles took all 11 mono mixes of the songs recorded between 15 February and this day to the Bahamas, where they were given to Walter Shenson, the producer of Help!, and director Richard Lester.


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