Grabación, mezcla: porque, algo, aquí viene el sol

Studios Two and Three, EMI Studios, Abbey RoadProducer: George MartinEngineers: Geoff Emerick, Phil McDonaldThree days after the backing track for Because was recorded, The Beatles added the song’s distinctive vocal harmonies. Having done the backing track, John, Paul and George sang the harmony. Then we overlaid it twice more, making nine-part harmony altogether, three voices recorded three times. I was literally telling them what notes to sing.George MartinThe Complete Beatles Recording Sessions, Mark LewisohnJohn Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison had overdubbed one track of three-part harmonies on 1 August. During this session they added two more, to give a total of nine voices on the tape.On Because, for example, very much a John song, it needed the combined singing of the three men. So obviously it became a joint effort…The three boys sang together in harmony, the whole song. And then we overlaid another three voices, and another three voices, so we had nine-part harmony all the way through. And that was Because.George MartinInterview with Richard Buskin, 3 March 1987The vocal recording session took place in Studio Two from 2.30-9pm. The new vocals were recorded on tracks seven and eight of the eight-track tape.From 7.15-8.45pm a brief mixing session was held in the control room of Studio Three. Harrison oversaw the creation of rough stereo mixes of Something and Here Comes The Sun, to allow George Martin to prepare orchestral scores.


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