Grabación, mezcla: Love You To, escritor de bolsillo

Studio Three, EMI Studios, Abbey RoadProducer: George MartinEngineer: Geoff EmerickThe Beatles completed George Harrison’s Indian-flavoured Love You To on this day, before beginning work on their next single, Paperback Writer. Work on Love You To had begun on 11 April 1966. This session began with a reduction mix to free up extra tracks, which was numbered take 7. Harrison and Paul McCartney added vocals and Ringo Starr played a tambourine.Three mono mixes were then made of the completed song, and the best parts of each were edited together for the version heard on Revolver. Work on Love You To ended at 6.30pm.The Beatles took a break for dinner, and returned at 8pm to begin work on Paperback Writer. They recorded two takes of the rhythm track, the first of which was incomplete. Ringo Starr played drums, John Lennon played a tambourine, Harrison performed a rhythm guitar part on a Gibson SG, and McCartney performed a lead guitar part on an Epiphone Casino. The song was completed the following day.


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