Grabación, mezcla: eso sería algo, el día de San Valentín, todas las noches, tal vez estoy sorprendido por Paul McCartney

Studio Two, EMI Studios, Abbey RoadProducer: Paul McCartneyAlthough intended as a mixing session, Paul McCartney managed to begin and complete two songs for his debut album McCartney on this day. This was the second recording session at EMI Studios, after the previous day’s mixing of four songs. The sessions were booked under the pseudonym Billy Martin to prevent expectations being unduly raised, and to stop the other Beatles and Apple from knowing what McCartney was planning.This day’s work took place from midday to 10pm. It began with mixes of That Would Be Something and Valentine Day.The McCartney LP had a homemade feel, reflecting its creator’s desire to keep matters low-key. There were, however, at least two standout tracks: Every Night and Maybe I’m Amazed, both of which were recorded on this day.McCartney had been toying with phrases and melodies from Every Night at least since the Get Back/Let It Be sessions of January 1969. He finished composing the song a few months later on holiday in Greece.The studio recording featured three acoustic guitars, bass guitar and drums, as well as McCartney’s vocals which were double tracked occasionally. There was also an electric guitar part added to track eight, but this was discarded at the mixing stage.Maybe I’m Amazed featured lead vocals, piano, lead and rhythm guitars, piano, organ, bass guitar, drums, and backing vocals by Paul and Linda McCartney.Every Night and Maybe I’m Amazed were both mixed in stereo at the end of the session, although Every Night was mixed again on 24 February.


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