Grabación, mezcla, edición: A Day In The Life, Lovely Rita

Studio Two, EMI Studios, Abbey RoadProducer: George MartinEngineer: Geoff EmerickThis session began with the creation of a stereo mix for A Day In The Life, followed by the recording of a new Sgt Pepper song, Lovely Rita. Three stereo mixes of A Day In The Life were made, numbered 10-12. An edit of the best, number 12, and the final chord – known as edit piece nine – was then made, and the song was complete.The lyrics for Lovely Rita were still unfinished when Paul McCartney brought it into the studio on this day. This didn’t stop The Beatles from recording the backing track, however, which they did in eight takes.Acoustic guitars played by John Lennon and George Harrison were taped onto tracks one and two of the four-track tape; track three had Ringo Starr; and McCartney’s piano was recorded onto track four. The final attempt – take eight – was the best, and necessitated a reduction mix before more overdubs could be added.The reduction mix was labelled take nine. It was made with the tape running at a speed slower than normal, resulting in the song being raised up a tone.The final addition was a bass guitar part, played by McCartney. The session finished at 3.45am on the morning of 24 February 1967.


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