George y Pattie Harrison celebran una conferencia de prensa

George and Pattie Harrison hold a press conference Saturday 22 January 1966 People The day after they married in Esher, Surrey, George and Pattie Harrison gave a press conference in London. After our wedding we had to endure a press conference that Brian had set up. It was so terrifying that I have almost blanked it from my memory. Lots of reporters asked questions about when George had asked me to marry him and our plans for the future. George said he had proposed on the day we met, on the train filming A Hard Day’s Night, and I said I hadn’t thought he was serious. He then said he’d asked me out and I’d turned him down. And I blurted that we’d like three children but not immediately.Pattie BoydWonderful TonightThe press conference was chaired by The Beatles’ press officer Tony Barrow. Also in attendance were Brian Epstein and George’s parents Harry and Louise.The newlyweds flew to Barbados for their honeymoon on 8 February 1966. Also on this day…Want more? Visit the Beatles history section.


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