Filmación: ¡Ayuda!

This was The Beatles’ second day of filming at Cliveden House, a 19th century stately home in Maidenhead, Berkshire. It was also the group’s final day of work on the Help! film. Shooting had begun in the Bahamas on 23 February 1965, and the group totalled 54 days’ work until this day. A number of scenes in London were also filmed by director Richard Lester on the following day, 12 May, but these did not feature The Beatles.Cliveden House was used for the Buckingham Palace scenes in Help!. During their time there, The Beatles were challenged to a relay race around the gardens, which was filmed on an 8mm home movie camera by a member of the crew. They won the race against three other teams, made up of electricians, carpenters and camera operators from the shoot.Each of the four teams had six members. The Beatles’ team also included their road manager Neil Aspinall and their driver Alf Bicknell.


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