En vivo: Locarno Ballroom, Liverpool

The Beatles performed at a special Valentine’s Day dance at the Locarno Ballroom in Liverpool. The Locarno was a well-known ballroom in the city, although this was the only time The Beatles played there. It is possible, however, that The Quarrymen performed at the venue at one of the regular skiffle contests held there in the late 1950s.The building was built in 1905 as an indoor circus and variety theatre. It was able to accommodate 3,750 people in the stalls and three balconies, and had a stage 15 metres wide and 12 metres deep.In 1930 the theatre was bought by ABC and converted to a cinema. During World War Two it was used as a naval depot, and was sold to Mecca in 1948. It was converted to a ballroom and renamed the Locarno, before becoming a bingo hall from 1964 and 1982.The building reopened as the Olympia in the 1990s, and currently hosts a range of events.

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