En vivo: Atlanta Stadium, Atlanta, Georgia

Q: I want to ask what your unfulfilled ambitions are.Paul McCartney: “Er, I haven’t got any.Ringo Starr and George Harrison: Neither have I.John Lennon: Me too.Q: How are The Beatles enjoying their tour here in America?John Lennon: Very much, thank you. Hello, hello.George Harrison: Yeah, it’s great.Ringo Starr: Having a great time.Q: Is Ringo going to be a father soon, and if so, what will he name his child?Ringo Starr: I am gonna be a father soon, and I haven’t got a name yet.Q: How come you’re not hitting more southern cities on your tour?John Lennon: We don’t know, you know. It’s not up to us where we go. We just climb in the vans.Paul McCartney: Philosophical.Q: George, you being the only single one of the group…George Harrison: What about Paul? Haven’t you heard about him? Let me introduce you.Paul McCartney: Hello – you goofed!Q: May I continue? What are your matrimony plans?George Harrison: Well that question, you know, it’s stupid for a start because Paul isn’t married either, is he? So if you’d like to ask the question again and count Paul in.Paul McCartney: Right, and we’ll both talk at the same time.Q: What are your matrimony plans?George Harrison: I haven’t any.Q: Paul, what about you and Jane Asher? What’s the story?Paul McCartney: What about us?Ringo Starr: Go on, tell them.Paul McCartney: Well, I haven’t said anything to anyone. But people keep writing about it, and putting it in papers and things. So, erm, you know, I’m getting to believe it. It’s daft, you know. I never said a word about it, anyway. They just keep quoting.Q: Do the boys have any Atlanta acquaintances?John Lennon: Not yet.Ringo Starr: No.Q: I’d like to ask George Harrison: You fellas seem to have started a complete new trend in music, in clothes, and in hairstyles. When you think about what you started, are you proud of it?George Harrison: Yes.


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