El disco de Silkie Tienes que esconder tu amor

The Silkie, a folk group signed by Brian Epstein to NEMS Enterprises and managed by Alistair Taylor, recorded a version of The Beatles’ You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away on this day at IBC Studios in London. The studio was situated at 35 Portland Place in central London. John Lennon produced the session, with Paul McCartney playing guitar and George Harrison on tambourine.While at IBC Lennon saw a Mellotron for the first time. The sampled recordings that came pre-loaded with the instrument had been taped at the studio in 1964. Impressed with the instrument, Lennon immediately ordered one of his own, which was delivered to his home in Weybridge on 16 August 1965.The Silkie’s version of You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away was released in the UK on 10 September 1965 as Fontana TF 603. It reached number 28 in the charts.The single fared better in the United States. Issued as Fontana 1525, it peaked at number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. The b-side in both countries was City Winds.


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