El antiguo cuartel general de Apple de los Beatles sale a la venta

3 Savile Row, London, the five-storey building which was headquarters of The Beatles’ Apple Corps business from 1968 until 1975, has been put up for sale. Kier Property hopes to sell it as office space, and believe that the Beatles connection will raise the value.The building was built in 1735, and was once bought by Lord Nelson for his mistress Lady Hamilton. In 1968 the Beatles bought it for £500,000 and established it as the base for Apple Corps.The group’s Apple Studio was situated in the basement. On 30 January 1969 The Beatles played their final live performance on the roof of the building; the footage formed the climax to the film Let It Be.Current owners Keir expect the five storey property to fetch in the region of £25 million.It’s being marketed internationally. If someone wants a bit of heritage with a bit of history of the band, then this is the place.I still get goose bumps in here. It’s the world’ biggest piece of memorabilia.Leigh ThomasAssociate director, Kier PropertyTo mark the 40th anniversary of the rooftop concert, members of the Bootleg Beatles tribute group performed two acoustic songs.They had planned to play a full show on top of the building but it was cancelled by police and council officials due to safety fears. However, Andre Barreau, who plays George Harrison, and David Catlin-Birch, who plays Paul McCartney, were able to play some songs without the police knowing.We snuck up there to play a few songs to mark the occasion. We did One After 909 and Get Back, which were a couple of the songs out of the five that The Beatles did.It is a shame. Loads of bands – from U2 to Oasis, apparently – have asked to play up there and we’re the only ones who’ve ever been allowed. But it wasn’t to be this time, sadly. Maybe, if we’re still going in ten years time.Andre BarreauThe Bootleg BeatlesThe tribute band had performed on the roof of 3 Savile Row in 1999 on the 30th anniversary of The Beatles’ final performance.


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