Dia libre en Paris

Following their two performances the previous day at the Palais des Sports in Paris, The Beatles had a rest day before travelling to Lyon for their next engagement. It wasn’t all rest, however – from inside their hotel, the George V, the group gave an interview to Chris Denning for Radio Luxembourg’s weekly show ‘The Beatles’. Denning invited them to dedicate songs: John Lennon’s was for Harold Wilson; Paul McCartney’s were for writers Bernard Levin, Donald Zec and Wolf Mankowitz; George Harrison dedicated a song to the miners of Scunthorpe, in reaction to RIngo Starr’s dedication for the Liverpool dockers. Starr also dedicated tunes to writers Don Short and Judith Simons, and for their fan club secretary Freda Kelly.In the evening The Beatles returned once again to the Castel nightclub on 15 Rue Princesse, where they had partied the night before.


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