Dia libre en Los Angeles

The Beatles had arrived in Los Angeles shortly before midnight on 22 August 1965. They had five days of rest prior to their concerts in San Diego, San Francisco and the Hollywood Bowl, which concluded their North American tour. The group rented a large house at 2850 Benedict Canyon Drive in Beverly Hills, which was owned by actress Zsa Zsa Gabor. Less than 12 hours after their arrival, however, the address had been announced by radio stations, and the LAPD were called in to keep fans away from the property. A group of security men from the Burns Agency were also on hand to offer protection.We stayed in the house that Hendrix later stayed in. It was a horseshoe-shaped house on a hill off Mulholland. It had a little gatehouse, which Mal [Evans] and Neil [Aspinall] stayed in, decorated by Arabian-type things draped on the walls.In the evening The Beatles went to a party at the Bel Air home of Capitol Records’ president Alan Livingstone, where they were presented with a number of awards. Also present were Edward G Robinson, Jack Benny, Vince Edwards, Gene Barry, Richard Chamberlain, Jane Fonda, Rock Hudson, Groucho Marx, Dean Martin, Hayley Mills and James Stewart.


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