Conferencia de prensa: aeropuerto de Londres

Q: What was the reaction like in France?George Harrison: The audiences were a bit funny, you see. There were more boys than girls, and we missed the good old screams. But you know, there were quite a lot of shouts.Q: You mean they actually listened to you? That’s the difference, is it?John Lennon and Paul McCartney: Yeah.George: Yeah.Q: What’s the French electrical supply like over there?Paul: It’s good actually. Oh, the equipment’s great. But on the first night, as you may know, we had a bit of trouble. Because we suddenly found there was a radio program just sort of plugging into everything, and it overloaded all the amps and everything. They just went, ‘Boomf!’Ringo Starr: Three times.Paul: ‘Boomf’, ‘boomf’.Q: What’s the sort of stuff they like over there on the hit parade?Paul: “Um, wilder stuff I think. We stuck in a wilder number to finish off with.John: Gone With The Wind.Paul: Gone With The… (laughs)Q: They go for the Elvis Presley kind of stuff, there, do they? I mean, do they go for the older rock and roll stuff?Paul: I think so, yeah, a bit more. It depended really who was in.Q (to Ringo): I hear that you are going to give us some poetry recitals.Ringo: Beethoven’s poems.Q: When’s this? At the City of London Festival?Ringo: Yeah, yeah. He knows, you see. It’s a secret! Don’t tell anybody!Q: What poems?Ringo: Beethoven’s. Remember him? Beethoven.Q: Looking forward to this American trip, have you had any reaction over there? Have you got any fan clubs going as we speak?Ringo: Well, there’s one supposed to be started and they’re getting quite a good response, you know. Twelve thousand letters a day!Q: But the Beatle movement’s going over there?Ringo: Yeah. So you needn’t be a Beatle Booster, folks!Q: I must tell you, by the way, that Detroit University have got a ‘Stamp Out The Beatles’ movement.George: I know, yeah.John: Yeah, we heard something about that.Paul: We’ve got a ‘Stamp Out Detroit!’Q: They think your haircuts are un-American.John: Well, it was very observant of them because we aren’t American, actually.Paul: True, that.John: True, true.

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