Cilla Black revela la placa de Londres para Brian Epstein

The Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein has been honoured by a plaque in London. The former singer, who was managed by Epstein until his death in 1967, unveiled the plaque at the location of his office in Covent Garden.He was a great man, the man that I knew – he was a true gentleman. He believed in me and I certainly believed in him. If he had said ‘you can climb Mount Everest’, I would have said ‘where’s my backpack? I’m off’. I really would, because I believed in him.Cilla BlackEpstein ran his management empire NEMS Enterprises from 13 Monmouth Street, Seven Dials, London, following a relocation from Liverpool in 1963. The offices were also the base for The Beatles’ official fan club, but were finally left by NEMS on 4 November 1966.Statements by Sir George Martin and Cynthia Lennon were released prior to the event.Brian was a wonderful man and we became great friends. It was his unwavering belief in The Beatles that influenced me and formed a special bond of trust that propelled the band to worldwide stardom. Over a short number of years, his energy and devotion allowed him to build an artist roster of unparalleled success. He was taken from us all too quickly, but thankfully, the legacy of the music he worked on will live forever,Sir George MartinBrian Epstein was a true gentleman of the first order. He was instrumental in changing all our lives with his vision, generosity and dedication. Brian was truly the fifth Beatle and godfather to my/our son Julian, and a real friend during the heady, frenzied years of the 60s. He brought culture to our gauche young lives with an experience beyond his years. I miss him now as much as I missed him then. His tragic death for one so young was a massive loss to all who knew and loved him. It is with great respect that I write these words for a young man who had so much to offer and in his short life, DID.Cynthia LennonThe plaque has been installed by the Seven Dials Trust, which aims to protect and enhance the conservation area.


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