Apple Tailoring abre en Londres

The full name of Apple’s second boutique store was Apple Tailoring (Civil and Theatrical). It was situated at 161 King’s Road, and was run by 25-year-old Australian designer John Crittle. The Beatles’ dress sense is quietening down now, like everyone else. They all went mad last year, but now they’re all coming back to a normal way of life. We won’t get teenyboppers here, because prices will be too high for them. We’re pushing velvet jackets and the regency look, although The Beatles put forward plenty of suggestions. They have pretty far ahead ideas, actually. We’re catering mainly for pop groups, personalities, and turned-on swingers. The teenagers seem too frightened to come in, even though they know this is The Beatles’ place. Maybe it’s because the place is too elegant and too expensive.John CrittleThe premises were shared with another clothing company, Dandy Fashions (sometimes spelt Dandie), which had opened in 1966. Apple Corps’ Neil Aspinall and company accountant Stephen Maltz became directors of Dandy as part of its transformation into Apple Tailoring.The basement also housed a hairdressing salon financed by Apple and run by Leslie Cavendish, The Beatles’ hair stylist.Apple Tailoring lasted longer than the Baker Street boutique, but it too closed in 1968. The Beatles decided to withdraw from high street commerce and gave the business and all stock to Crittle.


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