Apple niega que Paul McCartney haya dejado The Beatles

Advance copies of Paul McCartney’s debut solo record McCartney were sent to a number of media outlets, along with a questionnaire in which the musician gave a number of details about the record, The Beatles, and his opinions on Apple. As copies arrived in newsrooms, rumours began to build that McCartney was leaving the group. Apple Corps issued a statement denying a split on this day.It was given by Mavis Smith, assistant to Derek Taylor in the Apple press office.This is just not true. Although it is true that there are no plans at the moment for more Beatles recordings, this is quite normal. Next month, their new LP will be issued. It has already been recorded so, consequently, as there is already material available, there are no plans for more recordings. I hope that The Beatles will get together for another recording session after the summer.Mavis SmithSmith added that McCartney had not been seen at Apple’s Savile Row headquarters since before Christmas 1969. “He communicates by telephone and, as he has got recording studios at his home, it is not necessary for him to come in. Paul will issue a statement today with the release of his new album, but any critical statements do not mean a real break-up of the group!”Aware that the news of an impending split would be a major news story the following day, McCartney telephoned John Lennon at Dr Arthur Janov’s private London hospital at 20 Devonshire Place.“Paul said to me, ‘I’m now doing what you and Yoko were doing last year. I understand what you were doing’, all that shit,” Lennon later recalled. “So I said to him, ‘Good luck to yer.’”


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